May 14-15, 2013. I owe you guys a lot: MJ, WAYNE AND KEN

Let’s start with this:

After everything that happened for the past 6 months, i finally got to do something that i always do before. It was so fun, felt like living again because i did it out of too much pain that i can’t handle. It was Wayne’s birthday (my hs friend and the guy in red) and i owed him ever since.

PART 1: Sneak Out.

One of my forte’s! HAHA. Well, basically this part of my usual old ways always starts with WAITING and ends up in RUNNING. I wait for people to fall asleep and when they are, i go out running out of that gate. This is usually a hard thing to escape of, most especially when there are around 10 people who live in my house and i have such praning parents. Well, thank God for their care which made me stop doing it. But sometimes, its just really fun to break the rules like this time.

PART 2: Get Drunk.

One of my worsts and bests. HAHA. Well, it was never my plan to get drunk most especially when i have been alcohol free for 2 months. So, we drank brandy and iced tea. I had like 10 shots or more (i ain’t exaggerating). We were at MJ’s condo (the guy in blue) at first then we changed venues. We went to the rooftop. There, things started to get blurry. When i sat down, i started to get blank. I told them i can’t stand anymore. That basically means they have to carry me all the way down. Well, they did. Ken (guy in white) took care of my stuff. Then it was the usual, you throw up and get so dramatic. In my case, it was in the elevator, in front of Wayne’s mom. She was my dear savior for that night.

PART 3: Forget Everything.

One of the most unforgettable things ever. Its unforgettable to forget when i pass out. Well, the last thing i remember was talking to MJ to stay, was crying to Wayne about my ex and saying goodbye to Ken. This is the shortest but longest things too. So yeah…. Dozed off to sleep.

PART 4: Wake Up Hungover.

One of the most hated feelings in life. So after 8 hours of sleep 2-10 am. I woke up thinking i was at home, but no. I was in there in the couch. Come to think of it, i really felt at home at the couch. I went home wearing different clothes because i threw up on my outfit. I went home, having this crazy ache feeling in my head and twisted ache feeling in my stomach. I was pushed to eat lunch, which i just vomited. That’s the end of my HANGOVER. Thank you!

IF YOU EVER PLAN TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS: Always make sure that you are with your TRUSTED FRIENDS because you’ll never know what bad thing/s people can do and will think of doing to you :)

Good thing, all my friends are GREAT. :>